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My Dream

Im Englischunterricht gab es in der 6b wieder einmal sehr gute Ergebnisse. Die Kinder übten das Simple Past und schrieben eine Traumgeschichte auf. Wir wollen zwei von ihnen mit einer Veröffentlichung in der Schülerzeitung online belohnen.

My Dream

On Tuesday evening I went to bed early because I was tired. Then I had a nice dream. I went to the city and met my cat. I was really surprised because she talked to me. She said: “Have you got an ice cream?” I answered: “No”, but where was the cat? She wasn’t here. Then went to the farm and here was my family. They played games and laughed a lot. But what was in the barn? It had a crocodile´s tail, but a horse’s body and its head looked like a pig. That was very crazy. And then I felt the tongue of my cat in my face. I opened my eyes and realized it was just a dream.

Annalena (6b)

The basketball match

On Friday evening I went to bed early. In the morning we had a basketball match. I woke up at 9 o’clock and was very excited .Than I ate cornflakes. At 10.15 I went to Rostock by bus. At 10.56 I arrived at my match. My friends were there too. After the first half time we had 46 points and the other team had only 11 points. We played a good match and had fun. In the end we won 53 to 20. I went home happily. Then I woke up and played a really good game in the reality.

Oliver (6b)